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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  January 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> it death toll is slows traffic. >> plus, the monday's no moves on but it does not mean the coast is clear. >> metro plans to fill their debt with cash from your pocket. we'll tell you how much a trip can cost starting this summer. >> a gatorade a bath for the winning coach. >> later the beat down in the by you -- good morning, washington continues now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning to you. so glad you're waking up with us on this tuesday, january 10. >> the combination of wet road to near freezing temperatures could equal a rough ride to work today. lisa baden and brianne carter are tracking the trouble spots but we will start with adam caskey. very foggy to start the day.
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we had the moisture from yesterday which melted through the evening. that led to low-level moisture in the air which in turn created the thick fog. we have a dense fog to start our tuesday morning and potentially some slick spot on the roadways. temperatures could dip below freezing in many neighborhoods. notice the dense fog advisory in the shenandoah valley and in the piedmont of virginia. that is until 9:00 a.m. and those locations west of 95 macy visibility down to 1/4 of a mile or less. 30 degrees in washington and 27 degrees in the olney. we will have sunshine once we get rid of this fog. 52 for the high temperature and tomorrow we will be in the 40's with areas of rain.
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we're looking at rain tomorrow and tomorrow night >> brianne carter joins us live from the mixing bowl in springfield. the snow slowed the ride last night going home. how does it look today? the snow has moved out but the fog has moved in. so far, things are looking good out here at the mixing bowl in springfield. the committee last night, there was cause for concern this morning. >> it will agree -- it will be real treacherous in the morning. >> that is the concern for commuters this morning's. the surprise no caught many of guard. >> it definitely slows traffic. >> by falling snowflakes -- created a dicey drive and unwanted delays for thousands during the rush hour last night. the 20 minute-trip home tripled. >> traffic was pretty bad and everybody went about 10 miles per hour.
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it took me about an hour to get to chantilly. >> salt trucks hit a road to ease the worries of driver. s. we are not in the clear yet. with these cold temperatures, we have a long way to go with the morning commute. the big problem is that visibility out there on the roads is difficult. she was describing the visibility and i will take you live to the camera in springfield where brianne carter is. you cannot see to many of the cameras this morning. no problems on 66. we talked about route 7 the greenway and the toll road and that is working relatively well and this is maryland traffic where we can peek through a fog bank. this is for 95 at colesville
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road and traffic is moving nicely. we invite everyone to stay on top of the latest traffic and weather changes anytime on our website, you can also check out a gallery of viewer-submitted pictures. it is primary day in new hampshire. the big fight will be over first place but second place. mitt has a huge lead but ron paul and john huntsman are fighting for the runner-up spot. voters in the small town indixsville cast the first of votes at midnight. mitt romney hopes a big slip up might not trip them up. >> governor romney enjoys fiery people. i enjoy creating jobs.
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>> i have no doubt that mitt romney is worried about pink slips and whether he has enough to hand out. >> he tried to make the case that people should be able to choose their own health insurance company. we are your election station and gordon peterson and rebecca cooper are both in new hampshire and you could see the reports on air and on line at president obama spent election eve with campaign donors. his own administration took a hit yesterday. his chief of staff william daley abruptly resigned after one year on the job. the white house will replace him with budget director jack blue. lew. there will be a special election in d.c. to replace harry thomason jr. after he resigned after a dozen the charges. they focused last night on who will take his place.
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the winner will serve the remainder of his term. a man suspected of killing a largo mother and daughter is suspected -- will be sentenced today. he was convicted last year in connection with dozens of burqa reece and home invasions. his murder trial is expected to start later this year. the alexander waterfront will be this focus of two separate events for the citizens group will meet today to discuss revisions and the city council and planning commission will discuss the revisions during a meeting tonight. d.c. school leaders are expected to unveil new scorecards. they will provide parents with an unprecedented view of the schools' performance of economic informed decisions about their child's education. metro will replace brake parts and almost 300 trains as a precaution against any future problems with friction rings
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which have detached in two separate incidents in recent weeks. metro inspected the brake assembly on more than 400 trains. no word on what caused the problem. metro is still trying to dig its way out of a big budget whole. that could cost riders big time. a former soldier from maryland is charged with trying to provide support to terrorist organization in somalia. the 24-year-old of laurel was arrested on friday. the fbi says he used his father's computer to search the internet for terrorist groups. he planned to join a somali and a group. a detention hearing is set for tomorrow. >> 34 degrees right now and we have one school delay. page county schools in virginia will open two hours late. >> still ahead -- and
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occupation infestation. the latest obstacle to economic equality at mcpherson square. >> plus, the mother nature head of the city of houston, one day of rain reach other destruction. >> we're off to a foggy start closer to home in the morning rush. there is a live look outside and we
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>> i'm the executive director of the guitar arts center in adams morgan where we provide arts education to young people in d.c. regardless of the family's ability to pay. find out more at pixar arts
6:11 am good morning, washington. 6:10 is the time and people in houston will wake up under water after a dilution of rainfall in one day. >> take a look at the damage. a powerful thunderstorm dump up to 3 inches of rain per hour. heavy winds ripped roofs off houses and knocked out power to 20,000 homes and businesses. time for us to check weather and traffic. it is foggy outside. no delays at the airport so far. we have the thick fog this morning, with a dense fog advisory until 9:00. i love this picture out in a mark yesterday. -- in hague market yesterday. some parts of of the area picked up a couple of inches of snow. here is the dense fog advisory
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for the shenandoah valley and the piedmont. you could have visibility down to 1/4 of a mile or less than those locations for 9:00 this morning but we are all seeing the fog. 32 in the district and 30 in winchester and gaithersburg and 28 in hagerstown so temperatures are largely below freezing meaning the water from the melting snow overnight could freeze into icy spots here and there in the neighborhood this morning. otherwise, sunny and 52, 47 tomorrow and friday into the weekend it will cool down. everything looks pretty good right now but it has potential out there. we have better conditions than you had on a ride home last night. we have patchy fog for everyone but no accidents according to vdot. good in maryland and good in and out of baltimore and not bad out of prince frederick to get to
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andrews air force base on route 4 or out of waldorf. on route 5. the time is 6:12 and we are at 31 degrees. >> coming up, say it is not so 20s -twinkies. >> the unseen population at the d.c. occupy camp and the problems is causing. >> welcome to voting day in new hampshire where the real battle is for second place.
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>> the horse race in new hampshire is about second place. >> the vetting already begun just after midnight.
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there were nine ballots cast. we go live to the granite state in manchester, new hampshire. mitt romney is the presumed winner. what about the other republicans? newt gingrich is all and when it comes to south carolina. you will have over $3 million worth of negative ads airing until south carolina. that primary will be held and there will be ads bashing the matter on the record as a venture capitalist. south carolina is the firewall for mid romney. this date is more culturally conservative than iowa or new hampshire. it will be a challenge for newt gingrich. he is running third in the polls down there one percentage point behind ron paul. they're both over 10 points behind mr. romney in the polls.
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gingrich is saying that if he does not win, he may not have the support to go on. quite frankly, the same could be said about rick santorum and rick perry. maybe they are out too, after south carolina. the path for mitt romney will be considerably easier after three straight wins, if he does well in south carolina. >> has run policy in the kind of surge that rick santorum has. >> he is a political moderate. he has not added to the far right to the weight mitt romney has. i think jon huntsman, if he was to come in second in new hampshire and that is conceivable right now it
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became a for second behind mr. romney, he still has some roadblocks up ahead. he is not in the ballot in arizona, illinois, and virginia. it was a mass of red tape and some of those places. there was a lack of qualifying signatures onin those places. his campaign is challenging those decisions. even if he comes out of new hampshire with a lot of momentum the road ahead will not be an easy one for john huntsman. >> we will see what happens today in new hampshire. and coming up in south carolina. we appreciate your insight -- inside we will have more with politico later in the hour. virginia schools have to open after labor day by governor bob mcdonnell wants to change law. he says it is outdated at a time when schools should be maximizing instructional time the books would allow each
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district to determine the length of its academic year. in maryland, martin o'malley will make an announcement today about school construction funding. he will propose spending more than $350 million next year on school construction. he will cast his proposal as one of several in a series of initiatives meant to spur job creation there's an infestation at the occupy camps. they are worried about the number of rabid gathering in mcpherson square. -- rats gathering in mcpherson square. detroit is rolling out the very best of the best. good morning, another win
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for hyundai. it is the north american car of the year. it is the second win in four years. their sales surged 41% last year and one of the new hot cars in detroit is the -- is this sports car. it is a hybrid and economical. it will be developed and built in ohio. it is not easy fallen in the footsteps of steve jobs but steve cook will be rewarded. he has been given a compensation package for 2011 were almost $380 million. the maker of twinkies is in danger of filing for bankruptcy. that is america's money. let's check traffic and weather every 10 minutes. it is very foggy to start
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the day. we have reduced visibilities west of 95 where it seems to be the worst. visibility at rock ronald reagan the airport is two miles. some of dull little neighborhoods out west have visibility under 1/4 of a mile or less and that is where there is a dense fog advisory until 9:00. the temperatures are little around and the below freezing for some of us. 32 degrees at reagan national and 29 in martinsburg. 34 degrees in quantico. once we get rid of this morning fog, we will have a lot of sunshine and temperatures in the lower 50's. that will help leadmelt off the snow. one storm system is developing to our south which is a big rainmaker late tomorrow and tapered off early thursday. that have this system with a
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cold front to our northwest with much colder air behind it. it is growing up in canada. it will drop our way and drop the temperatures for friday into the weekend. we will deal with the southern system pulling gulf moisture and warm tearaway tomorrow into thursday and the cold air spills in for the weekend. as far as rainfall accumulations, i think we could be talking over 1 inch in parts of our region especially out west. 52 degrees this afternoon and tomorrow in the 40's. we don't have any accidents right now as far as virginia. we are good at the wilson and american legion bridge but on the inner loop of the beltway between rockville pike in the mormon temple, there is an ax and reported. let's go live to our picture near connecticut avenue and it looks like it is moving at
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speed. leaving rockville pike toward all across hospital is traffic heading away from us. let's get a glimpse of virginia. it is not to better the pentagon. >> 6:22 and 30 degrees. coming up next, the crimson tide's historic and to the bcs title game.
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>> richardson breaks free down the sideline. a touchdown barry >> the alabama team scored the only touchdown last night in the bcs 550 goals were kicked. -- five field goals were kicked. this is the second title for alabama and the last three years. >> dick saban also 113 years ago and the washington redskins will host the pro ball. >> 6:221 -- 6:25 and 31 degrees.
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>> giving glory the jay-z song for his greatest creation and it features a cameo from a special guest. two years later metro is talking fare increases. i will tell you what writers in silver spring have to say. >> we have a thick fog that has developed early this morning and i will show you the dense fog and
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bought em! ( clears throat sorry. when it's on your mind it's on ebay. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> it is a very close election. >> the time is 6:00 to 99 and is tuesday, january 10. >> the snow flurries turned into
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a snow message yesterday. we had some showers throughout the region and there are freezing temperatures this morning with wet roads. we begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. let's go to meteorologist adam caskey. we got a little snow. it is kind of an appetizer of snow in my opinion. it will melt off today with high temperatures and sunshine and a bit of a breeze. before then, we have dense fog. visibility is down to 1/4 of a mile west of 95 and we have a dense fog advisory until 9:00 a.m. there could be isolated slick spot with the melting snow this morning. it will become sunny today and 52 this afternoon the west windsor up to 50 miles per hour and more rain will develop
6:31 am
tomorrow evening and there could be wet snowflakes mixed in at first but we're looking at heavy rain at times. crash is reported for drivers in virginia on southbound 95. it is temporarily closing all lanes near dale boulevard southbound after the dale boulevard exit along interstate 95. 95 in maryland has a little bit of volume southbound near the icc project. it is good into a northeast washington. 270 is building in volume. the picture shows it quiet at democracy boulevard. voting is under way in new hampshire. the first ballots were cast just after midnight in a small town in new hampshire. mitt romney tied with john hulsman -- jon huntsman.
6:32 am
mitt romeny likely as this race lot about that makes it important who comes in second place. jummy olabanji will explain this. >> . newt gingrich and ron paul receive one vote each in that small town. this is a pretty tight race but that is expected to change and other polling locations opening in a few hours. mitt romney is the longtime front runner and his lead in the field ranges as high as 24 points in one poll. in second place are jon huntsman and ron paul. the other republican hopefuls will fight hard for the second place spot and will attack mitt romney's bulova -- back rent.
6:33 am
his comment about firing people was used against him. he fired back about his record of hiring people in massachusetts. the rest of the polls open in a couple of hours. it is too early to tell who will be second place. whoever comes in second and third place is in the hunt for the party nomination thank you so much. stay with abc 7 for complete coverage of the granite state's primary. we will have live reports from new hampshire at noon, 5:00, and 6:00 and results tonight at 11:00. president obama outspent election eve with campaign donors. his own administration took a hit yesterday when chief of staff bill daley abruptly
6:34 am
resigned after just one year on the job. the white house will replace him with the budget director jack lew. >> voters in ward 5 will likely meet to talk about a replacement for harry thomas jr.. he pleaded guilty to embezzlement charges. a public innate in the last night focused on who will take his place. they need to collect 500 signatures to be on the ballot. >> the time is 6:34. the man accused of killing a largo mother and daughter is scheduled to be sentenced on unrelated charges today. he was convicted last year in connection with dozens of burglaries and home invasions. he is expected to be tried for murder later this year. efforts to revitalize the alexandria waterfront will be taken up by the citizens group to talk about revisions to the
6:35 am
city's plan for redevelopment. city leaders will meet tonight to discuss those revisions. angelina chihljolie will be at the holocaust museum tonight. she wrote, directed, and starred in a movie about a prison camp. >> it is not clear if brad pitt will be there. the next round of metro fare hikes will mean big changes for the way metro riders pay. >> big changes on thursday, the paper farecard holders will not be able to travel for less than four blocks. we go live to silver spring for an explanation what are people saying? >> they are pretty surprised after two years. there is talk of more fare increases. there have been a reason metro delays and breakdowns. this is not a popular time but
6:36 am
the general manager for metro wants to talk about it and he wants to possibly make it a reality buried it would mean 10 or 75 cents extra for riders but would mean more use paper farecards. the last fare increase for metro was two years ago. many commuters this morning want to keep it that way. in order to overcome a $116 million shortfall it may not last. >> now that they want to increase it it is too much. it is not as reliable as i thought it would be when i first started. >> they would raise fares during rush hour by an average of under 5% for those using small strip cards. >> we have to understand. everything is going up in price. >> the move would get rid of
6:37 am
enough of a popular surcharge last summer. those using paper farecards would pay $6 even if writing only to one stopped. about 17% of ryder's use those paper farecards. they want to cut that number down. the board of directors will meet on thursday and we understand the public will have plenty of chances to voice their concerns. >> i'm sure this is one that people will have many opinions on. the 6:37 and it is 30 degrees. >> still ahead of -- changing the way you watch network tv -- the case that is heading to the high court. >> the latest in a floundering ship off the coast of new zealand. >> doug hill will join us live with the
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>> welcome back. 6:00 porteous your time and time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> let's check in with doug hill and see how things are going. good morning, things are going well except for fog issues but time will take care of that.
6:41 am
the only concern outside is the temperatures are close to freezing and there could be a few spots of ice to deal with this morning. things will look up later. west of 95 as the fog but once the sun comes up, we will get rid of that. temperatures are in the upper 20's and lower 30's across most of the region. 30 degrees in manassas. we will clear things out at a nice spate of high pressure. we will head to the low 50s but the next weather makers, from the deep south and that will bring rain to the area tomorrow. behind that, in much colder return from air coming out of central canada. tonight, partly cloudy and a cooler day tomorrow with rain heavy at times and the big chill returns late in the week. we will have more in a couple of minutes.
6:42 am
>> we appreciate that. let's check in with lisa baden. southbound 95 virginia was closed after dale boulevard with an accident that has been taken care of. i will have delays in both directions i-95 now in the area of dale city and woodbridge. we look good on the beltway. it is slowing down on the outer loop but that is typical from new hampshire avenue around 2 georgia ave. we had a crash and the inner loop between rockville pike and new hampshire avenue but that will be gone by the time you get there. >> 6:42. the destroyed cargo ship off the coast of new zealand continues to sink. debris from the hall is now washing ashore. the ship ran aground last year. the time is 6:42 and 32 degrees in washington d.c.
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>> not, why a fight before the supreme court could change what ends up in your tv. ♪ >> ♪ >> plus, jay-z bears all about a new song about his new baby. >> we will have a live look at the latest
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we are talking about the new hampshire primary. >> dave < palm joins us live. -- david leventhal joins us live. question is not whether mitt
6:46 am
romney will win or lose but the question is how big he will win. if he wins big 20% or so, he is in the driver's seat going to south carolina in good shape. if the only wins by five or 10%, his competitors could say he is not the guy. they could say he is not somebody who can go the long haul against barack obama. >> jon huntsman has been a media darling. even if he came in second or third place tonight, does he have anywhere to go? maybe other folks are pulling higher than he is in south carolina? >> south carolina will be a huge test for him even if the places second because he doesn't quite have the requisite organization going forward that make romney has. money is an issue for him as well. >> anyone who doesn't place tie
6:47 am
realistically in new hampshire and south carolina or florida will probably be thinking about reassessing. will that be the mitt romney strategy moving forward? >> newt gingrich, ron paul probably rick santorum are in this for a while. these are proportional primaries going into april where candidates can still gobble up delegates even if they don't place first. it could be lights out for john hulsman if he does not do well tonight and the same for rick perry does not do well in south carolina. it could be down to four potentially before long. >> thank you so much. the supreme court today will hear arguments on whether the fcc should still police the nation's airwaves. a federal appeals court struck down the indecent material does -- decision. president obama says the fcc
6:48 am
oversight is necessary. the consumer electronics show resumes today and last vegas. hundreds of new high-tech devices are on display including more sophisticated smart funds and tablet computers. another thing on display is gaze-interaction technology which allows a user to navigate the web using his or her eyes. 10 tebow said a new record sunday night on twitter. there were more than 9400 tweets which was a record for a sports event. the broncos won that game 29-23. the capitals went 0-02 and a loss to the l.a. kings last night.
6:49 am
there were two goals for the caps. they will face the penguins to more night. the birth of a daughter for beyond say is easing the pain of a miscarriage for the couple. ♪ in a new song dedicated to his newborn, jay-z sings about his baby and it features audio of the baby crying. >> they are calling her b.i.c. for blue by the carter. -- blue eye v. carter. let's check in with doug hill and weather. the only big issue this morning is the fog and that will improve once we get past 9:00
6:50 am
and the sun will help turn it into a nice day. temperatures around the area on this tuesday morning are near the freezing mark or a little bit below so that means some of the water on the ground could freeze up and there could be some slick spot. it is the same story in the metro area. 29 degrees in rockville and 30 in oxon hill and wall door. as we go through the morning, look for the temperatures to bounce back. the visibility is down west of i-295. we have a dense fog advisory until 9:00 a.m. we are seeing some improvement closer to the bay. this will improve with time over the next couple of hours. high pressure will build and would sunshine and low 50's today and the next door is in our sights across texas and will move across the tennessee valley
6:51 am
today bringing clouds and overnight and bringing rain tomorrow. at the same time, the next weather system is a strong cold front that will come in friday morning. for today skies will turn much prettier with sunshine replacing the clouds and temperatures will climb into the lower 50's. here is the rain for tomorrow and we will finish with that. we will tell you held cold it will get when adam caskey comes back in a few minutes. >> it is quite foggy outside. that reduces visibility and is keeping newschopper7 on the ground this morning. slow traffic is spotted on 270. normal delays on the outer loop where we take you live in our geico traffic center picture at colesville road which is normal. on 95, va., southbound dead dale
6:52 am
boulevard there was an accident. we will look in the district. it is beautiful on 14th street
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>> welcome back. 6:54 is your time and drivers want to be on the lookout for a
6:55 am
select spots this morning. there could be some challenges for commuters. >> brianne carter is live and sprinkle with the latest. the snow has moved out but the bad news is we had fog moved in early this morning. we are seeing -- seeing its start to let up in springfield. traffic is moving along quite well at 95 and the 395 interchange. after what people dealt with last night some of the committees doubled and tripled and just being able to deal with the snow, there were fears it could be worse this morning. the main roads look relatively good. we have not seen too many incidents. the problem could still be in neighborhoods even though the assault and plow truck's route this morning. there could be spots that could be tricky this morning so you want to be careful today. >> thank you so much. let's get another look at
6:56 am
traffic with lisa baden. beltway travel and interstate travel has given us our share of problems but nothing that will impact you because everything has been moved out of the roadway. the rockville mixing bowl at 355 is pretty good as well as 270 and not too bad across the potomac river in virginia. we have the fog which will burn off later this morning and we will have a lot of sunshine today. highs will be in the low 50's and that will melt the snow and tomorrow we will have a round of rain which could be heavy at times. it will end early on thursday. don't be surprised to see some wet snowflakes. cooler friday,
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